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6 Top WordPress Themes & Plugins Marketplaces

6 Top WordPress Themes & Plugins Marketplaces

As a WordPress developer, or a WordPress site owner, have you ever experienced the frustration of finding the right theme or plugin for your site? I know I have, and I have often spent hours trolling the internet to find well written and well documented themes, plugins or graphics from quality WordPress Resource Sites.

Well, stress no more! We have compiled a short list of excellent WordPress resources for your website. We, as WordPress site developers, use these resources ourselves as our go-to sites for quality resources.

But before we get into that lets discuss the paid versus free dilemma for resources on the internet.

Paid vs Free

In my experience, free WordPress resources are great if you are starting out and finding your way around WordPress, but generally I find that the free resources are limited and give your website that “canned” website look and feel.

My experience with free resources is that they are usually:

  • Limited in functionality
  • Limited in flexibility
  • Limited documentation
  • Limited support

Free resource authors usually insist on having a link on your pages to their site – you may not want this on your business website, or clients website.

Paid WordPress resources on the other hand are a different kettle of fish! Authors who offer their products for sale have a reputation to uphold, otherwise their sales will suffer. Also, as the old saying goes – “You get what you pay for” holds true in this case.

Paid resources usually offer the following benefits:

  • Great functionality
  • Easily customizable features, layouts and settings
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Active support
  • No unwanted links
  • A website with a unique look and feel

I guess you can tell that I am in favor of paid resources. In my experience, the paid resources usually mean less work for me, as the products usually work well straight out of the box, and the customization process is simple and quick. This allows me to produce quality websites in a short time frame, and after all, time is money, so it makes my business more efficient.

The WordPress Resource Websites

Well, back to topic, here is the list of resources that are my top 4 locations that I go to when I am in need of a new theme or plugin for a project.

ThriveThemesThemes & plugins, built from the ground up to make your entire WordPress website convert more of your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients!​

MyThemeShop – A great WordPress resources website to be a member of, as they have a great reward system that they provide to their members, if you buy a theme or plugin they will reward you with points that you can use to buy more products at a cheaper price. They also have great specials that they run often. They have a great selection of themes on offer from magazine through to video themes that function and look great as a site theme.

Elegant Themes – this is an awesome resource for elegantly designed themes. Their plugin offerings are a bit limited, but are useful. Support is great and they have a community for forum type support as well.

AppThemes – this site is a great resource for business application type sites, with great functionality from a sales point of view, with built in shopping carts and catalogue type presentation of products.

ThemeForest – A veritable encyclopaedia of web design resources! Here you will be spoiled for choice! Be prepared to spend a bit of time searching for what you need, just because of the sheer volume of products available. Envato not only provides resources for WordPress, but other web platforms as well, such as Joomla and .Net. Support directly via the author of the product, or through the extensive community forum.

CodeCanyon – This is a plugin resource where you can find practically any plugin you may need for your WordPress site, from vector icons to shopping carts to audio streaming, you name it, they’ve got it! Documentation on the plugins is first rate and a nice option is the demo feature where you can see the plugin in action before purchasing – to make sure it does what you expect.

Another great feature, which is offered by all these suppliers is an affiliate option. So if you are into making money on the internet (who isn’t!?) and have a site with good traffic, consider signing up to their affiliate programs.

Use these resources as your primary sites for WordPress themes and plugins, and you will save time and effort and you will have beautiful, feature rich, functional websites!


My name is Wayne and I’m a WordPress specialist, project manager and technology enthusiast. I’m the owner of @Applinga (Pty) Ltd where we build, manage WordPress websites for our clients. My other interests includes mountain biking and going to the gym.