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5 Best Amazon Affiliate Management Plugins For WordPress

5 Best Amazon Affiliate Management Plugins For WordPress

This article will look at some of the very best Amazon Affiliate management plugins for WordPress at are currently on the internet. Each of these plugins offer great functions and support options. Let’s get started with our list of the 5 best Amazon Affiliate management plugins for WordPress.


AAWPAAWP – or Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin – is among the most popular premium plugins for Amazon affiliates on WordPress. It’s great at helping you to boost your affiliate earnings and conversions on Amazon. Whether you post product reviews or advertisements, or just link to products in posts, AAWP makes it easy to customize how you present Amazon products on your website. It is incredible flexible and offers a range of features including automatically generating affiliate links, automatically update product prices, and customize the functionality of affiliate listings.


WZone WZone – which is also known as the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin – is packed full of features.  It comes with a 90-day cookie feature that provides you with Amazon advertising fees from the products your visitors purchase and not simply the products that you advertise. The WooZone plugin allows you to bulk import products into your WooCommerce Store and it tracks all data on Amazon products including their title, price, description, reviews, and more.


EasyAzonIf you’re a regular Amazon Affiliate then the EasyAzon plugin can save your life. This great plugin makes it easy to create text links to Amazon affiliate products without having to go through the process of actually creating links. The plugin supports every location where the Amazon associate network is to make it easy for users. It’s also handy for SEO because it offers no follow tag to links and an option to open them in new windows.


AzonAuthorityThe AzonAuthority WordPress plugin is useful for creating niche Amazon affiliate stores. It is different from other similar products in that it creates multinational stores to reach a global audience. Visitors will be automatically redirected to their appropriate Amazon national store to complete the purchase. Another great feature is that it also has the 90-day cookie feature that means you can still get a commission when your visitors purchase something from Amazon.

Content Egg

ContentEggContent Egg is powered by modules. It adds extra sections to posts from which you can search for keywords. Depending on the modules that have been enabled, the plugin will then search and display results for you. Then you can add them to the post and edit results. Most of the modules get their data from the official API. This means that you may have to register with some services and set access keys to the API to get it working properly. The data of the Content Egg modules are stored in the standard custom WordPress fields when you save the post. Content Egg works with any WordPress theme seamlessly, so don’t worry about what theme your site is running.

The Amazon Tools listed above are great for anyone running their own e-commerce site who needs a great way to add Amazon affiliate links to their site. It’s difficult to find the right Amazon Affiliate plugins to help you manage you affiliate links and the affiliate plugins we have mentioned above are some of the very best Amazon Affiliate management plugins currently on the market. Some of them are free, some of them are paid, and some of them are freemium. Choose the right one for you.

Here are two sites that are using Content Egg to manage Amazon affiliate links. ShowMeTheGadgets and MyGreenTerra.


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